Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Art of Schlepping

On a recent trip to Mexico, I decided against bringing all of my oil painting paraphenalia. All that schlepping and dealing with customs and all seemed counter to the idea of a relaxing vacatiion. The work I had intended on doing was mainly limited to gathering material for future paintings.

But I still wanted to paint, so I packed a small watercolor kit, a block of paper, 3 soft brush pens and 2 brushes. If I didn't even pull them out, I wouldn't have felt guilty about having brought it all along.

So I took my gear along with my sunscreen, to the pool. It was something fun and light and different for me, so when I finally pulled it all out, it just flowed. And since these were sketches, I allowed myself to just let go. And I loved it.

I have to thank Mary Byrom for inspiring me with her sketchbooks full of fresh and wonderful paintings.

Here are a few more from that trip.

The old town part of Cabo.

Along the Pacific

And Cabo Harbor.


Mary Byrom said...

Hi Jeanne, The watercolor sketches look great! A friend told me this AM that I had inspired you to try them - awesome! How did you run in to my blog?
Have you checked out Stapleton's blog? He discusses materials, etc... you might like it. http://stapletonkearns.blogspot.com

Jeanne Echternach said...

Thanks Mary! I'm having a lot of fun with this. I found your blog through FB postings. I'm from your area. I grew up in Hampton, NH. So all of your locations are so familiar to me. I'm coming back for a week in prime leaf-peeping season...Columbus Day weekend. Would love to meet up and paint if you have the time! I'll be sure and check out Stapleton's blog.