Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Some things you just cannot anticipate.

While painting at Cherry Creek Reservoir last Friday with Victoria Ekelund, I got this far with my little painting when I was suddenly overcome with motion sickness. Apparently, standing on the rocking dock and focusing on the little details of the painting was a lot like reading while in a car. How embarrassing!  The sun, heat and lack of breakfast didn't help (I told myself). So this 5.5x12 sketch has yet to be completed.

I had better luck the weekend before when I painted with Sara Winters. This second painting was done at that time.

 So I think sea-sickness, even though not technically on or even near a sea, can be added to the list of hazards we plein air painters face.

I'm such a lightweight. But I refuse to be deterred! I'll take another stab at it soon.

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