Sunday, July 25, 2010

Step by Step

Thought I'd break this one down into stages.

This is a 12x36 on birch luan. I gessoed it with a roller and was extremely pleased with the surface. Good thing, too, since I have a bunch of it.

Toned the board with a wash of burnt sienna, cad red medium, and a tiny bit of ochre. Wiped off the excess, then proceeded ro draw and block in shapes. Put the datk shapes in first.

Blocked in lightest shapes next.Not too exciting yet! The very light shape on the right looks too light but I am going to defer judgement until later.

My main focus here is to a) get paint on the whole surface and b)establish the correct values so that the foreground drops away and the mountain is the star.

Working in all of the details, putting structure to the foreground yet keeping it vague. This painting breaks the 'rules' of conventional landscape painting. The warmer notes, greatests contrast and most chroma is in the distance while cooler, less defined shapes are in the foreground.  I'd say it's about 90% done. I'm beat, but it feels good to have done 2 larger paintings in a weekend.

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Janice said...

hi Jeanne, found your blog and am following! great to meet you!